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Why Invent a Smart Router?
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Why Invent a Smart Router?

Have a look at your world; what the corporates call “the market” we all are a part of it and it isn’t pretty. Who never got the feeling that they are working for the corporate, not the other way around...

For now, you can have any router you like, as long as it is black....

Customers have no choice, all products are the same design or internal systems, based upon cheap chipsets, not because they work so well but because they get a better profit margin of your dollars whilst providing you with something that is just good enough to keep you off their hotlines. about “service like we care”?

So after that it is back to hours of skimming the internet to find out on some forum that the program you installed on your computer does not like some vital office application that you had and so now you have to get xyz.dll but modify the 23rd phrase in wordpad, load it in DOS and if you can, re-install the whole during the full moon..... We’ve all been there...

Your router is made in China by the only corporate left in the business, the one that got so big it stopped caring about your problem like decades ago. Limited expansion slots, incompatible equipments, cable spaghetti, always a missing codec before you can play your favorite movie and if someone is downloading something you can just about forget about sending that e-mail to confirm that meeting.

That if the frustrating reality of todays home network

In 2011, Orbital Networks invented the “Smart router”; A device that combines several units into a high quality comprehensive home networking unit that includes equipment drivers for just about anything, more connectors than you’ll ever need, highest speed WiFi and Ethernet, internal disks, media server that works throughout the house, automated interfaces that do the work for you and a sleek design in a high quality woven carbon fiber casing.

No plastic, no hassle, no problems; only the guarantee that you have a home network in a single box that will give you pleasure and satisfaction for the highest of requirements now, and in the years to come.